Friday, August 19, 2011

Sending poems out into the world

… decisions about which poems to choose for where and then there’s the question of whether to enter a competition or send to magazines asking for submission. Not forgetting finding which poems are ready to go, if these fit the theme if there is one and keeping a record of it all. That’s the rant for today … more positively I’ve sent five poems to competitions and refined my poem excel spread sheet. Also, ordered the e-magazine Prole as my new poetry read for a few months, This will be my first try at getting a poetry magazine as a pdf via email… it has yet to arrive but I did pay for it eventually via PayPal –I think!!

Started the day with morning pages and the start of a poem about picking figs … I’m thinking of a series of How to poems. I’ve already started with How to Feed a Dolphin and Please a Tourist but maybe it could become monotonous?  Had breakfast, which included some of the figs that were asking to be picked, with C K Williams book The Singing, a re-reading of a collection that has lots to admire and learn from.

Finally, today, to support the cookery element of this blog a recipe , Take freshly picked tomatoes and red peppers,, set a tray full of the veg to roast with sea salt, freshly ground black pepper, garlic and herbs. Cook in a hot oven for about 40 mind until squashy. Whiz up in the food processor to make a great pasta sauce, don’t overwiz unless you want soup. A simple supper for an evening in the heat wave.

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