Saturday, September 24, 2011

Accuracy–measuring & sewing

An afternoon for sewing yesterday –lots of measuring and finally some sewing with more measuring. The aim is for one inch squares with two half triangle –the feathers for a feathered star block.  I discovered that 1/4 inch is not the same on all my rulers, my sewing machine actually does sew a 1/4 inch seam where it says its should and oh dear, its not easy to get that 1/4 inch consistently along a seam length. More sewing, and then more cutting before I know if my attention to that 1/4 inch has been sufficient.
Saw a little known musical set in New York last night in the Green Room at Dorking Halls. Very good am dram with some strong voices and an amusing libretto.
Prompted by Helen I’ve found some poems for the Mole Valley Poets website for National Poetry Day. Tucked away in a 2006 file were the poems I wrote at the Ragged Hedge Fair –available soon on with other contributions. 
The predicted late summer is here today .. looks good outside the window. Before I go out into that inviting morning air I’m going to take a second look at the Moodle classroom with my online poetry course's first ‘lesson’ –and start to think about a new poem for uploading! Its a new and exciting way of learning …  and linking poetry with music is inspiring.

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