Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Not very creative ,,,

I've been getting my mind into school governor mode in the past few days -ready for the meeting of the Surrey Governors Association executive committee. I'm the new girl on the block there and learning lots, especially about Surrey's policies and practices about education and, of course, the politics. 

Tonight St Lawrence governors meet for the first time this academic year -lots to discuss.even though this is a 'business' meeting.  I've added Clerk to Governors to my blog roll -a very good source of whats new - and it won't surprise you that there is always lots that's new from Ofsted, DfE etc.  In case any of you are also school governors I'll add others that I find useful.  I've found most via Twitter and their tweets are often the first time I've heard about key issues.

Creatively, I've now chosen fabrics for my Lone Star block and think I understand the way to make half square triangles that will be accurate. First task is to iron the fabric,  put a ,new blade in rotary cutter and then I need to check my sewing machine is telling the truth about the 1/4 inch seam line -its all about accuracy. More on this later ... I need to have something sewn & cut  by class on Monday!

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