Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Is Tuesday poetry day?

A day of poetry … finding poems to read tonight at the Star Pub, sorting out the activities for our audience of (mostly) non poets and finally getting to the online course Poetry and Music. Fiddled around for a while , downloading stuff and then took myself off to Mimi’s Tearooms, paper and pen in hand to actually do some writing.

Result: a good walk in the autumn sun, nice lunch prepared by Patti and the beginnings of a poem ‘inspired by one of Mendelssohn's songs without words. Now I need to upload it for the live chat next week. Hopefully by that time I will have ploughed my way through an essay on lyrical poetry by Don Paterson … its very rich, needs taking in small doses but already I can see its value.

Collected fallen apples from the School’s orchard … probably need to check for worms but they all look OK.

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