Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Yesterday evening at the Star Pub …

The Mole Valley Poets/The Poetry Society Stanza Group ran an enjoyable Poetry in the Community event at the Star Pub, Dorking on September 27th, 2011. There were readings, creative activities, and lively chat in a hospitable atmosphere where the acoustics were good, the audience joined in and poetry flowed from pen to paper to stage. Congratulations to Kevin Connelly who won the loudest applause prize for his ‘list’ poem (see below). Our thanks to landlord Ian for hosting us once again; we hope to see you there in 2012.

The List

A rather dented Walker’s shortbread tin

That makes a rattley noise. Contained within

a deck of cards, complete but for the hearts

a model Messerschmitt with missing parts

three football cards signed by Nobby Stiles

a V and I that once were scrabble tiles

nine Chinese checkers, seven pawns from chess

a Barbie doll, sans head, and missing dress

one childhood, only slightly damaged.

©Kevin C Connolly 27-09-11

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