Saturday, September 17, 2011

Jane Eyre, an owl and red wine

Started my day on a Hot Topics school governor training session -lots to digest including the new Ofsted framework, and the Coalition's reduced way of letting schools know a new or changes policy exists! Condensed  the 2 hours into a 2xA4 report for a meeting on Weds... lets hope there's time to discuss some of the key issues as this is a so called business meeting with time ill spent,  in my view, on stuff that could be sorted out electronically. The day then got more entertaining -Jane Eyre on the big screen with cinematography well worth swapping the armchair for the cinema at Dorking Halls. The movie deserves the good reviews I've heard  -understated power and poignancy, enviable scenery and an ending that matches the one the Charlotte Bronte wrote. Joined in The Guardian book swap and left an Ian Rankin in the upper foyer on my way out  -now the challenge is to find a book hat someone else has abandoned.
Met an owl on my home bound journey -white, wide and swooping low over the hedgerows on Ranmore Common, then  a fox that decided not to cross the road but to pin bright eye me from the edge -the pleasures of an infant autumn and light from the streaks of setting sun. As for the red wine, one glass goes a long way -in fact it went all over the wall, light switches, floor and chair with just one small misjudged hand movement.

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