Thursday, September 15, 2011

Poetry admin!

Just spent an hour with another mole valley/surrey stanza poet talking about what we could learn from  the experiences of other stanzas around the country and our methods of sending poems out into the world. So  now I have a second spreadsheet to help me manage this process -with poems plotted against magazines/competitions .... watch this space for how well I do or do not do at keeping this up to date. Its a good way of showing that presently I have 14 poems out there, somewhere!
Have also finished reading The Tigers Wife by Tea Obreht, ready for discussion at the book group meeting tomorrow -a one off daytime meeting in Ramsgate. This book won the Orange prize this year, certainly was worthy of being the winner. Wonderful prose, lyrical in places and such convincing pictures of people at the end of their lives. Just one or two unnecessary diversions into description that failed to hold my attention but lots of almost magic realism to make up for this. A story without a real end, where this did not matter, where the journey was key and geography and politics determined so much. I'm looking forward to what the others thought of it ... we almost never agree but the discussion is always insightful and worthwhile.

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