Friday, September 16, 2011

The Tiger’s Wife: what did we think?

Very good summer’s day out with the Bookham Library Book Group today.  Pegwell Bay was sparkly, the discussion lively and as usual, our conversation strayed into other genres/subjects. The Tiger’s Wife provoked mixed reactions ; what book doesn’t! There was consensus on the prose: lyrical and engaging, negative comments about the diversions which mean that those of us to don’t have time to read too much at a time got confused and a long discussion about the deathless man. Magic realism was mentioned, as was seeing the DM as a literary device to pass values onto the next generation and we all remain puzzled about where the copy of the Jungle Book ended up –but thought it really didn’t matter.

Linda gave us a great lunch, we agreed that a future meeting might take the form of discussing a book and film combination with Jane Eyre as the obvious choice right now. I spotted a copy of JE on Linda’s shelves –its a thick book!

Next book is The Great Gatsby –a meeting I will miss, and our next  year’s outing is possibly to Broadstairs to the Charles Dickens Museum –book still to be chosen but my vote will be for David Copperfield or Great Expectations.

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