Sunday, October 2, 2011

This wonderful extra summer

It so good to have had some summery days at the end of September. I spent today giving my garden an autumn spring clean - chasing the shade and snipping back the wilderness that threatens to invade my small patch from over the fence.

And at last I’ve caught up with work stuff, in between sewing the feathers for the feathers star block  .. they measure OK but I won’t know if they are spot on accurate until I match them to the other blocks. Time for a photo soon to show rather than tell about all this.

I now have copies of the poems mentioned in the week one poetry course assignment –its seems its all about the poem staying on its points. Not sure I get that yet but maybe after the live chat on Tuesday it will be clearer. Went to a trio of short Noel Coward plays at he Nomads Theatre last night and the performance included some of his songs … libretto not on its points but straining to achieve rhyme!   Good timing by the actors and a great set that got one of the loudest applauses of the evening made it worthwhile.

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