Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Barnes Bridge to Kingston

Spent the day walking more of the Thames Path –10 miles of peaceful riverside pathways, past Kew, Dukes Meadows etc. in the warmth of late October sunshine.  The river was being well used by all sorts of ‘boats’ sailing, rowing, surveying as well as showing off all the bird life that water attracts. 

It felt a real privilege to be part of it all … and to pass places where so much English history happened.  Not often I get to cross a meridian line twice … even if it is the old one that turned out to be the wrong one.

Arrived home to find my copy of Julian Barnes Booker winner on the mat so I’m heading for a quiet evening with that and perhaps sewing up my jacket that now has all its pieces knitted and needs a final hour or so to get into one garment.

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