Sunday, October 30, 2011

The day the clocks change

Well, I think all the clocks in the house now say the correct time but one usually surprises me with its ‘wrong’ hour about a week after clock change day  I used my extra hour for sleep … and then the luxury of reading another Franzen essay with breakfast in bed. Made me realise how hurried my reading often is .. hurrying for the book group meeting, or because there’s that pile of not-yet-opened books looking at me from their basket. Slow reading would be a good motto to adopt.

Also spent some time today critiquing the poems for the online workshop on Tuesday. They were  inspired by the instruction to anthropomorphise a musical instrument. .. lots of interesting choices. I’ve offered the accordion's perspective.Writing the first draft  reminded me of my Dad who played one,  I think, because it was more portable than our piano. Dad was often called on to play at parties… leading the singing and the dancing.and able to play almost any tune badly hummed to him .

One more task today… I need to find 5-6 poems to read at the Mole Valley Poetry Pub tomorrow evening. Our new anthology will be launched … for a small group we’re very active, and we’re considering running a competition in 2012 so watch this space>.

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