Wednesday, September 25, 2013

O My America by Sarah Wheeler

I loved this book, it has very readable prose, is well organised and researched. Wheeler chooses/finds six women in their middle years who, in the 1800's, travel to and across America; They have different characters and backgrounds, different reasons for leaving England  but all posses courage, a pioneering spirit and great energy. Its a very good way to learn history and geography, and to discover that modern, brave and adventurous women have been around for a  long time.

I especially liked the insights into the development of the American culture. There was a thread in all the stories about how the people were so proud of ‘equality’ during a time when slavery was commonplace and about the dislike by the English of the American obsession with money.

It is a bonus that Wheeler adds a little, but not too much, of her own story as it chimes with that of her ‘girls’ as she calls them, and thus writes of both the old and new places from the east to west coasts of the New World.

Well worth reading –non fiction stories every bit as good as fiction.

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  1. This books sounds interesting, and quite educational, thank you for sharing! :)