Sunday, November 27, 2011

Reading thro’ the night

Well, not quite. in the end I put the bookmark in my place in Room by Emma Donoghue and waited for the morning to finish this compelling story of Jack, who is 5 and has lived all his life in a single. locked room with his Ma.  We have just Jack’s PoV –he’s a reliable narrator with a sophisticated commend of language that reveals his age with words like scave –that’s being brave when its scary and his literal translation of the conversations outside of Room. Lots to think about throughout the book –survival, attachment, acceptance … its a long time since I’ve not wanted to put a book down  … if you’ve also read it please post your comments.

My Outside - to use Jack’s word - is wall to wall autumn sunshine, the light reflecting off the few leaves still at eye level. . I’m just back from a long walk whooshing thro’ all those that have already fallen and with more apples from the crate that says please help yourself. –its clearly been a good year for cookers.

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