Thursday, December 8, 2011

One Man, Two Governors

Saw One Man, Two Governors yesterday, its wonderful, –tear jerkingly funny, acted with perfect timing, it bought back some great memories of the 60’s and Brighton for me, and the live music was a surprise and so good. Go see, that’s if you can get a ticket!

Dull day here presently, my Christmas gifts, bought throughout the year, are spread out ready for wrapping but a few are missing so a second cupboard hunt is needed.  Catch up news on sewing etc is that the patchwork bag is finished (pic to follow) and a pair of mitten ready for cold weather walking. Now learning how to knit a stash busting blanket with 10 stitches and lots of turning corners ….

more later, need to eat before I go to the gym –not been for a while so it maybe a tough hour

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