Sunday, April 28, 2013

Immersion en francaise

Bonjour, I'm back, after a week in Roanne at the École des Trois Ponts ( learning lots about French grammar, pronunciation and lots of other things French.

A very relaxing place, some hot and sunny days, no English allowed!!!

It was exhausting, valuable and at times amusing ... some English words, like, crotchety are very hard to explain and to translate, and many French words are a challenge to pronounce, and remember.

We had wonderful food cooked by Anthony who gave us a lesson in French cheese etiquette and geography each evening: this one you cut like a cake, this one you cut in slices, this one is from here, or there, and with this one you can eat the rind.  Merci Anthony.

My vocabulary has grown, as has my ability to speak an almost decent sentence in the past tense as well as the present and future. It felt a great treat to be able to talk to Tamiko from Japan in a shared languauge, and I was fortunate to have a wonderful classmate, Christine. We shared lots of interests, yoga, reading and travelling so had lots to talk about even if it was a struggle at times to find the words and the corect order! Not sure I will be blogging in French vey soon though!

I'm so glad I  travelled by train, very relaxing, with time on the way there to start my new book A Book of Silence by Sara Maitland, and during my return journey to try to read a cookery magazine in French. Somehow, recipies are easier for me to follow than other types of text, and hopefully, I can put my learning to some use in the kitchen in the next two weeeks.

a tout a l'heure ....

 at the end of the course!!!

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