Friday, April 19, 2013

Macaroon , cushions. and zips

Our house in France is a mix of tranquility and hustle-bustle, so for most of the day I have been quietly quilting some cushion covers patched with fabric left over from my Bargello wall hanging, then I was joined by Macaroon. First comes the admiration, thanks Macca, I hope you liked the invisible zips,

 but soon other thoughts occur,

 and he just has to get more involved. we play for a while, then comes the chase: Macca and cushion, me in pursuit, the rugs go every which way ....

No harm done, but they are now on the sofa, and I just donated an old cushion over to the dog's basket that's here in my space ...  not sure if either Crumble or Macca will understand the thought behind my generosity (!) though.

And as for the zips, well, they were the most expensive part of the new covers and went in very well, thanks to a very good tutorial on Mildly Crafty's blog, thanks Amy, clear instructions and photos. I'll be putting zips in cushions this way from now on as long as I can find some cheaper than those from the shop in Mauvezin.

Writing this as the sun returns, from 28C on Wds we then had rain, yes, more rain, but its looking good out there now. Perhaps Paul will be able to plant his potatoes next week.  As he said. its fine for the leeks but the mini-digger can't cope with the wettest claywe've had for many years.

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