Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sunshine and a book

Trying to develop a blogging routine, or really a writing routine -so this is both. Had to just note that wonderful sunshine is out and about at the moment, not only is it wonderful but it could be said to be warm, Yes, almost unbelievable isn't it, after this so very cold extended winter.

Yesterday's walk demended my thick jacket and welly boots, the fields are slippy, alomost marshy, but the late afternoon view towards Toulouse gave me an idea for a poem. I drafted it last evening just before sleep, later I will look at what came from my pen ... sometimes the words stay right there, go no further, but sometimes they travel to the keyboard and sometimes further.

Off to find a chair for the terrace -coffee and another chapter of  Dicken's life and Tomalin's prose calls.

1 comment:

  1. Interesting mix on your blog - I like it. I have the Charles Dickens book but not started it yet. Maybe I'll wait until summer - we might get some decent sunshine eventually and I can read in the garden!