Thursday, October 10, 2013

Out and about and writing

Should have blogged days ago but time was not on my side, so catching up with this post and a couple of book reviews to follow. My blog posts are getting to be like buses ..

Visited the Sunbury Millennium Embroidery last Friday, beautifully displayed in the Walled Garden –a work of community art, very well crafted, stitches upon stitches painting faces, birds, water –all very wonderful. For more info see

On Sunday some friends and I did the Sussex Bloomsbury tour. First to Charlston –so much recent history in one family home –thank you to the trustees for preserving this for us. Very impressed with the garden –flowing with plants, this way and that, very in keeping with the paintings and spirit of Bell and Grant.

Then onto to Berwick Church –a return visit for me and I am still awed by the murals. Another place to be grateful to those who keep it all safe for the future.

Finally, to Rodmell, and Monks House .. a small powerful place, it feels full of words,written and unwritten, many of them sad, all to be taken notice of. Woolf is a hard writer to read (for me anyway) but its always worth it and it was great to be where she once lived, and wrote and, of course, near to where she drowned. 

We ended our day in a very good local pub, where else, I hear you say!  Hearty food, lots of chat about writing and reading and then we segued to a decision that we should all learn to play Mah Jong. Perhaps more on that later!

As I write here I wonder about trying to keep this blog more up to date, even to do it for a week, but not at the expense of my other writing. I’ve returned to the morning pages habit, not done too badly at setting aside times for poetry –a necessity with two online poetry courses this term. And all inspired by seeing some of my work published on the web,

Enough here for now … more to follow.

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