Monday, January 20, 2014

Publishing .. what, where?

I'm not sure if sending poems to publishers is a Monday morning task but its not something I look forward to at any time. At least its done for this week, except now I have some very short prose pieces that feel ready for readers there's a similar task for them!

Stop whinging, I tell myself, just do it and no editing a line here or there, no is this a couplet poem or ... if it needs revising set it aside for doing that and look for another one that's been rejected, and has already had its fair share of reconsideration time.  If I've been efficient (!) then what to send should be identifiable  ... no yellow highlight for published, no orange for already out there and no red for don't send this one again until you've done something to it or retired it.

Then there is the where, easier these days as I keep a list on a sticky note on my laptop desktop ... and as I've mentioned here before using Duotrope gives me pointers. It seems to takes me so much time  to read through the websites, to look with care at what and who is being published in a particular magazine ... and to link up with the notes I've made on reading visits to the Poetry Library.  Today, it took me all morning sending eight poems electronically to two magazines. Am I slow, or is this average?

What and where ... I was thinking earlier that I should put some poems on this blog. But what ones? The published poems are here via links on the right, poems about the house renovation have their own pages, although some updating is needed there, and do I really want to post poems that have been regularly rejected by editors?  That leaves those on the out to editors list ... and they only want unpublished work so thats not an option. Mmm, not sure I know the answer to this... yet.

Back soon.

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