Saturday, July 19, 2014

more things ... poetry this time

Really enjoying some extended time for poetry. I'm still reading Edward Hirsch and paying more attention to the poems posted on the 52poems Facebook page. My sending out is almost up to date ... with some successes and naturally some rejections already.

Pleased to have managed two 52 poems this week (so far) inspired by the prompt proverbs and sayings. 

Writing one of them made me think about the personal in a poem, who has the right to write abut something especially when that something comes from a tender and tough, maybe a traumatic happening. In a particular poem I started writing in the first person, changed it to the third and finally, it came to me while I was thinking about something completely different that I needed a mix.

... and of course, the lesson is don't think to hard, let it rest for a while, something will occur to you when you least expect it ... I need to remember that more often.

Its now a much better poem, I posted it and the comments will be very useful when I redraft. The reaction of a reader, their sight of something I have not seen for myself is often quite shocking,  always valuable, and sometimes rather puzzling.   Its now on the relook, rethink and redraft list, in, as you can imagine, the company of many others.

comments welcome ...

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