Monday, September 8, 2014

the same but different

Its autumn in Effingham, a misty Monday morning with all the sounds of business at the start of the working week. And my routine has changed, or rather its setting has changed ... no more waking up to the cockerel for a while, but already lots of catch up on our summer happenings with local friends.

The 52 poems prompt week before last was about ritual and routine ... a very inspiring prompt for me and one that allowed me to think through my habits ... the good, the bad and yes, the ugly! And especially those related to my writing.

So far this week I've not found time for much poetry (small stones excepted) or even for time to think about the 52poems prompt which is 'documents'.. So this blog is by way of a kick in the pants to myself to not neglect what is now such an important part of my life  - and especially as work for the Mole Valley Quilters 2014 exhibition speeds up.

Yes, only a few weeks until the big Show and Tell and lots more about patchwork and quilting in our local church. Our members are busy converting works in progress to beautiful finished pieces,  flyers to advertise the event are flying almost everywhere, ladders are being prepared, props are at the ready, etc. etc.

And if you haven't bought a raffle ticket, there's plenty still left and this is what you could win.

Bye for now ... I'm off to read some of the great 52poems already posted by the FB group, and then for a coffee with my writing gear at the local cafe.

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