Thursday, April 2, 2015

The start of April continues ..

Dear readers, I've at last sorted out where to post my daily poem for National Poetry Write Month, yes that's its name and now I know the correct name I've found the webpage and the prompts!!

And I joined a FB group which has lots of lovely 52 poets so - change of mind here- I'm posting my NaPoWriMo poems there. It's a closed group so sorry if you were hoping to read them here but it does mean I'll get feedback from other poets who have great critical eyes  - and all poems in draft, or even those that aren't, need that.

The other advantage is that a few of them might become good enough to send out for publication and now that's possible because workshopping poems on a closed FB group doesn't count as published. where as posting them here does.

I've written todays poem - all about waking up, using one of my poem desperation techniques (the list), methinks I might have to employ that more than once if I'm going to write 28 more poems this month.

Enough of that, it's time to put this house to bed for few weeks. This is the rare site of my sewing room after I've moved some on-going projects to my suitcase and the room has been cleaned and tidied.  Rather a sad site but don't worry room, I'll be back soon.

Note the tea cosy on the magnifying glass just in case the sun shines!

I'll be here from elsewhere soon.

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