Sunday, April 5, 2015

its been a long day ...

And now there are just three puppies left. Lily has gone to live with a lovely family in Bordeaux. The garden was full all afternoon of dogs and puppies and two delightful little girls who took a long time deciding between Lily and Lady!

So my poem for today nearly didn't happen and   says everything I feel at the moment about writing a daily poem.

Foolish promise

Writing a poem a day is unlike
writing one a week although
I didn’t know this before now
and I’ve still no idea of how
the daily poem compares with writing
one a month or five in ten weeks,
not to mention not writing at all
when there are prompts that ask you
to inspire a child, take a coin from your pocket,
fruit from the bowl, use page 37 words
or write in the night about how something
is when you examine what it is not
just like writing a poem a day
is nothing like writing one a week

Hey ho, tomorrow is another day, there will be another prompt and perhaps something with poetic legs.  I'm off to fill my wine glass.

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