Saturday, October 15, 2016

Inspiration to Stitch ... the first day

Lovely start to the textile course I'm on this year with Terri and Hazel of They have a wonderful new light and airy studio full of stuff to work with.

Our first task was to destroy, yes, destroy our pristine new sketchbooks by cutting out the pages and covering up their scary whiteness.

Here's a few I finished off at home now I have a table for my (posh term here)  "wet media work'.

and we have homework so I've been collecting found papers and images around the theme of autumn. 

 I'm trying to get away from too much orange and brown .. not my favourite colours!

So at the moment my autumn is about fruit -figs, grapes, pears and about migration.
That put me in mind of Plath's poem  Blackberrying. You can read it here and that led me to D H  Lawrence's  Figs see

I spotted a few pages of words in one of the sketch books we were shown on Wednesday so really looking forward to the chance to put poetry into work for stitch designs to parallel the way I often use stitching metaphors in poems.

Talking of poetry, the first chat of the online Secrets and Lies course was good with lots of valuable feedback, the usual technical hitch and all in the comfort of my own living room. Its good to be back writing regularly for a workshop  - that and my Swindon Festival days mean I've booked a mentoring day with Jo Bell, she of 52 fame who blogs at

Bye for now. I'm off to see what painting with a tea bag will do for the white page. If the result is more sludgy brown it might just go in the bin!

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