Friday, December 23, 2011

and the mist cleared

A typical Enmatte wintery day,waking to fog that finally clears for a sunny walk over the fields & into the woods. As usual the dogs, especially Crumble, covered a greater distance than me! There’s young wheat, freshly green, growing in machine controlled rows, dead branches covered with turquoise lichen and coffee coloured slippy Le Gers clay   .. much to pay attention to for more small stones.

Lots of creativity in the house today. I’ve started cutting fabric for a new quilt –so wonderful to be able to spread everything out and leave it all out until I'm done. Paul has turned the kitchen into a macaroon production line –he’s planning boxes of them for Christmas gifts. The pistachio ones get my top vote.  My turn in there next as the Christmas Cake needs decorating.

It feels good to be back into writing regularly again … even if its just this blog and a few practice small stones ..its putting the words together, towards more.  .

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