Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve jottings

Wonderful sunny day –ideal for market shopping. It always amazes me how many boxes of oysters each fish stall has at this time of the year –the French really do the fish thing at Christmas. We settled for squid, prawns and a very large plump plaice.

Mince pies are made, there’s enough macaroons to feed the village & unsurprisingly lots of mayonnaise. The Christmas cake is covered with hand skinned, filleted and toasted almond, hazelnuts and pecans which means that the topping took longer to prepare than the cake  –but that’s what Christmas Eve is for.


James arrived late afternoon so now we have crackers. The present pile gest bigger each time I look –Crumble has given everything a good sniff so fingers crossed its all still intact in the morning.

Time to wish you all a Happy Christmas, and for one last check on the NORAD website –Santa was in Saudi Arabia last time I looked!

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