Monday, December 26, 2011

the day after Christmas

the sun is breaking through the fog, we’ve gathered up a little of the wrapping paper that Crumble has scattered … and I’ve been ‘slow’ listening and reading. Listened to Andrew Marr interview David Hockney  -just listened … lots in there about paying attention, about light and colour and ipad drawing,  and now I know that abstract painters don’t, apparently, use much green. Hockney’s RA exhibition sounds interesting–especially having heard about  some of the ideas behind its construction. A date for my diary.

Then with coffee and toast I slowly read an A D Millar, (he of Snowdrops) short story in the Economist .. need to practise that lots more. I wonder where rereading fits with slow reading and close reading … mmmm.

Walked one of my favourite routes yesterday morning  -along the set aside by the edge of the woods and then up the hill, throwing sticks for Crumble, watching birds flit in and out of the hedgerows, the house a glow of terracotta in the distant glow.

           IMG_0073                                 IMG_0075

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