Wednesday, December 28, 2011

writing time

I’m paying attention to my writing time, practicing the small stone thing and yesterday wrote something that could be a short story –something I’ve not done since I finished my creative writing diploma and that was four years ago. All to do with the topic –sometimes the idea for writing is there but its not one for poetry, maybe because for me ideas in poetry come from within the writing, they don't drive it.

Felt good to just write but I need to resolve the issue of by hand or on the computer with this longer writing –or at least to ponder on whether it matters and whether it has to be one way or the other.

The new quilt in progress  is progressing but rather slowly. Lots of cutting yesterday until I realised that the sea and sky fabric definitely had a one way pattern, So, a revision of the block pattern after a slow spread of fabric over the biggest table we have and much thinking about what to do. Rather like in poetry the form, or in this case the block pattern, is a support and a restraint, a way forward until a diversion becomes necessary. So, some blocks will go in another direction to deal with those upside down clouds.

Time to go … we have friends coming for lunch. Our turn to repay their hospitality earlier this week, to share the Christmas cake and Stolen and try the pineapple cutter James bought back from Hawaii.

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