Thursday, December 29, 2011

a return to prose

Morning writing today was more prose … maybe the start of a poem but maybe some flash or very short fiction … that feels like a return to a place I haven’t been for a while. I'm thinking that it  may be good to do this with support .. maybe an online course to start with, the Fish Publishing one looks OK and possibly an Arvon course this year some time. It would be good to go back to Shropshire, The house there was a great place to relax and write when I was there in 2009..

Wonderful walk with Crumble today, the long way round to the village with lots of inspiration for writing small stones.. I’m still confused by the Writing Your Way Home website/blog/Ning –can’t quite understand how it all fits together.    

I've added some new blogs that I’ve been reading to this blog. The piece about having extended plies of Books To Be Read or BTBRs resonated with me –something for the resolutions list.

Wood is being chopped and stacked as I write this. Its still sunny and warm but each night brings frost to the ground so those logs are very welcome. I woke today to see a blackbird rummaging in the stiff leaf litter under the tree outside my room, he had a very effective beak throwing technique, over his head  -all in aid of clearing the way for worm hunting, I guess? .

And in my inbox today some work! Will look more closely at that after the weekend … and will also need to find some time to start writing the second guide to education systematic review research for BEME . Presently, that has little appeal but once I get going it’ll be fine … 

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