Friday, December 30, 2011

words amongst work

Blogging today amidst great activity to prepare for the first floor floor. Tracey's vacuuming the insulation space, James is measuring and drilling for lights, then Paul follows with more drilling and fitting. We've just had a very long discussion about where to put the bottom of the stairs lights ... lots of choice, many different opinions -so everything is normal here then.

I've drafted my first assignment poem for The Poetry School's on line course No Surprise for the Writer No Surprsie for the Reader; I have until Monday to acheive the required syllable count -something I always find very difficult.   The idea is to aim for uneven syllables but in a pattern ... well, we will see.
The other part of the assignment was to start with a walk down a snowy lane so memories of last year were necessary -there aren't even visible snow peaks on the Pryenees at the moment although I'm assured there's snow on the ski slopes.

Our indoor Hyacinths are slowly opening up, pink, then white and now blue blooms filling the house with their very special fragrence ... and now more vacumming to remove all the wood dust that has drifted, inevitably downwards .. its time to do something esle.

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