Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year to all

Love and very best wishes to everyone who reads my blog .. and thanks for being one of my readers, Its too early in the year to go all postmodern on you but, for me, writing this without having just a few readers would feel strange. You can probably feel a but coming now, so here it is. But it would be great to have your comments … something for me to read! 

I’m writing this at home in France, an hours drive from the Pyrenees and, wonderfully to start the year, its 25C outside. I found a dry chair –it rained all day yesterday- and had my NY resolution moments of paying attention  in the sunshine.  Ideally, paying attention should lead to regular small stones of writing throughout January. I’m posting these on this blog having given up trying to figure out how to get them onto the Writing Our Way Home website any other way.

Our house is slowly getting back to normal after serving New Year's Eve dinner to 18;three courses and all around what looked like one table. I’m still finding champagne corks and the dishwasher is on its 3rd cycle. Yesterday was one of those long days that need some recovery time but are very special. We gathered guests as the day progressed, Paul & I bought wonderful fresh food from Fluerance market and then we cooked and cooked. or rather I cooked and everyone else moved floorboards from the van to the first floor until about 6pm. Then we got serious about the food,and became very grateful for two ovens … James did great service peeling veg and Paul took charge of the pheasant –recently at the wrong end of Vincent’s Dad’s shotgun. The result –a wonderful feast with just enough left over for us today.  I’m looking forward to another serving of the fish on roasted veg and just one more pear braised in red wine –a Delia dish that is so easy and looks stunning.

and finally, remembering my Grandmother on what would have been her birthday. I never got to share my love for patchwork and quilting with her –she would have had much to say about my hand stitching!!!

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