Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bookwrap from my stash

Lots of patchwork and quilting inspiration last weekend: the Kaffe Fasset exhibition on Saturday and Sandown Quilting Show on Sunday. The result is my first bookwrap.

This is my prototype, or pilot,, made from fabric and notions already looking for 
a project , just in case it all went dreadfully wrong.

Now I sort of know what to do I shall use the lovely linen fabrics and very pretty buttons bought at Sandown.  That's my sewing sorted for Wimbledon watching, alongside another pair of socks   on the needles (nice chevron pattern this time) and a rapidly growing granny square being crocheted from some wonderfully fluffy yarn bought many years ago and desperately in need of being used. I can watch lots of  tennis swapping between each project!

Sadly, I'm not going up the road to Wimbledon this year as I'm very unsure about the comfort of their seats on my back.Will have to make up for it in 2014.

By way of coincidence, although not good for my bank account, my car is in the garage waiting for a new clutch bearing, so I'm walking everywhere  -as long as its sunny!! So good for my back. Hopefully, I'll be able to get to the gym next week to resume the more intensive rehab programme.

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