Monday, June 17, 2013

Toasty feet

….   and for my second sock knitting effort a pair of what I'm told are called peds!  Perhaps better known as short socks and very useful this wintery summer. Not sure about the yarn –the end result is rather too blocks of colour and not as stripy as I imagined.   There’s a lesson there for the next time I buy variegated yarn, 


I fear  I’m getting serious about my knitting as these were sprayed and then blocked in recently purchased sock blockers. Have to admit it did make a difference to the final look but not sure if I have to do that every time they need washing, or can I just throw them in the machine with everything else? 


My next sock project will use a lacey pattern, and hopefully I’ll  be able to turn the heel and keep to the pattern. More on this later.

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