Saturday, June 29, 2013

Spots and dots: fabric and paint

Finally, made inroads into my dotty fabric stash today and put two bobbin thread and fabric paint panels to some use. The results is two cushion covers, destination unknown at present!

The black background of the panel was difficult to blend anything with, matching the spots and dots seemed easier. Comments welcome as to whether this worked!

Not sure at all sure I would embroider with the bobbin again ... its a lot of work just so you can use fancy thread!!  And my design skills definitely need development.

But I'm very glad to know how to use fabric paint and will put it to good use for the Merry Christmas blocks I'm making. Some of the decoration is very fiddly (and that's an understatement) so I'm not following the instructions for applique and plan to fill in with dots later.

Very pretty sky here tonight, lots of fluffiness dancing in pink ... maybe there'll be another summer's day tomorrow. Its well past wine o'clock and there's still some tennis to watch, so no prizes for what's next for me

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