Saturday, June 1, 2013

Welly socks: a first

In between walking away my back pain I've been knitting my first socks. I chose to knit a much longer leg than given in the pattern, hence welly socks, perfect for hiding my mistakes!  Which I must add, I give myself permission to make.

But I nearly ran out of yarn, so will need to be careful to check for this next time I adapt a sock pattern.
Could have done with more information on number of stitches at certain points, and the instructions for the Gusset were less than helpful … I had to get help from other places.
Now for the next pair, little socks for trainers this time.
Also posted on Ravelry with details of the yarn and pattern  ...
and, of course I've been doing lots of reading, resting on lots of pillows. Nicci French's Tuesday's Gone -a pacey, well plotted light read, another wonderful  William Boyd -Waiting for Sunset- he is a master story teller, and George Orwell's Burmese Days -a book group choice best described as a dreadful classic with very unlikable characters and a weak story. It'll be interesting to hear what the others thought at our meeting next week.
Also watched Argo -great movie and Anna Karenina -which was OK to pass the time but best to read the book.
Warmer today,  off now for some walking and thinking ... I need to work out a back friendly sewing position. There are several blocks of the Christmas Quilt queued up for applique work, and other stuff for the sewing machine.

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